The Alma Libre suites are designed to provide total relaxation and beautiful views of the famous volcano of Santorini, as well as, to meet your every need!
Built in a traditional style and with classic, traditional Cycladic elements, they offer a wonderful journey back in time and an escape from everyday life. The wooden floors, as well as, the color tones contribute to just that. For our suites, we used the representative colors of Santorini, yellow and red, which come from the history of its volcano. The islanders used sulfur since they had no access to paint, so their houses were colored yellow. While red comes from volcanic rocks, which emerge the same color when they get wet. Our goal was to combine today’s ultimate comfort and luxury with yesterday’s important history!

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The suites are well equipped to offer you a luxurious stay

Volcano Suite

Luxurious built suite

The unique, 80sqm Volcano all-season Suite, consists of a single room and a bedroom, while there’s also a second bedroom in the attic, as well as a WC.

Sea Suite

Luxurious built suite

The wonderful Sea Suite, consists of an open-plan space with a double bed, as well as a sofa bed, thus it can accommodate up to 3 people.